Rick And Andy

It's a story i'm working on right now.. Rick and Andy are twins.. Andy is a girl and Rick is a boy.. They are both around the age of 16 or so.. And Andy is in an abusive relationship.. And Rick is beginning to notice and also begin realizing that he abuses his girlfriend too..

It's not close to being finished yet.. But i have always been fascinated by secrets being found out.. so as her brother slowly begins to notice her bruises and stuff she is becoming worse at hiding it..

If you read this then please don't think that i believe in woman abuse.. I'm very high against it.. But i believe that some people who have been abused like to watch some movies on woman abuse because it is something that they can relate to very well.. But some woman don't..

I'm am thinking of a Murder for the ending.. Maybe Rick killing Andy's boyfriend in Self defense or something.. Because I want to have an ending that makes you feel like Andy is free.. Not an ending that makes her Continue to be a victim.. So... Anyone like it? Please give me your comments and tell me what you think..
HeartAndWings HeartAndWings
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013