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When angels hold your hands You just can't
hit the ground
They'll take you high and high
And never let you down

when angels hold ur hands
u know ur not alone but u have someone that shows care,
they love u without asking something
and they never leave by ur side   u call their name and u know they listen,
they give a sign,they sing when u go to sleep,
they never go away.   when angels hold ur hands,
when they give a kiss on ur forehead and give a hug,
they make the pain in ur heart less,
they are angels..angels by ur side
amysangels amysangels 22-25, F 5 Responses Feb 6, 2010

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I love this. :)

hugs wall*

I can't describe what i feel. Thank you. Its really really good. Only you could write it so well.

hugs to both..*

so true...x they are always with and night...lovely "Amy" {{HUGS}}