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i got up with a strange feeling and thoughts on my mind,
my pen and my notebook on the desk
not sure how i feel or what i really want
i just cant realize..

i listen to a song,music plays loud,
i sing along with the tune i hear,
pictures come,pictures i only know,
i keep singin,no better way of expressing.   i hold a mirror,
can see ,yet is another sight,
confusing anger,sadness or just pain,
maybe is just her talking
cant realize..   she whispers words,asking to obey,
her way to make u always walk by her side
and im just trying to avoid,
feeling hiding under an angels wing,
away from the thoughts she transfers all the time
-yet one day she ll lose and i ll walk away
amysangels amysangels 22-25, F 9 Responses Feb 8, 2010

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thanks for readin kristee.

hugs ap*

Don't say that, I am the one who should thank *YOU* for calling me μπαμπα, okay?

Love yourself every day!

o kaliteros mpampas*

efxaristo ap*

"siga siga" is the only way against Madame Ana, okay?

I am stronger and more patient than she is.


*so proud of you, YES!!!*


yeah siga siga



*more hugs*


I know. And I hear you, amyMA. We'll face this together. Siga-siga, with a lot of courage because you are not alone.

*hugs and NO tsk*


quiet yet so loud voice..

not easy to push away..

is a never ending circle..

but yet feels like being in the middle of two opposite ppl..

You will not

be her slave for life

You will be free

Free to eat, free to live.

I will fight Her with

every breath

to push away the

quiet voice which

dares to tell


that she does not

deserve to eat and grow.

You will be warm,

your head will

be clear,

and you will happy

in your years.

With all my love,