What Being Your ***** Is All About......

And so I lay there, my head resting on your chest. One of your arms is round my shoulder, and the hand is loosely toying with my breast, caressing me. I smell of you – your scent and your sweat all over me. I can taste you in my mouth. My skin bruises easily and I can see little finger marks appearing, and red love bites that are blotching the whiteness of my neck and shoulders. I can feel your seed starting to slide out of me, and down my leg – I’m so very wet. You tell me stories of your strange world, of things that may or may not be, and I know nothing can touch me – not with you there. Your body feels so solid against mine, hard where as mine is soft; yet your touch is so seductively gentle. I hear the drums in my mind - I crave you again. I roll onto my side and start to rub into your crotch. Biting my bottom lip I start to touch myself, tease myself and I can feel you harden behind me; I want you in every way. I am torn between kneeing before you again, or riding you, or simply letting you take me like your *****. Because I am your ***** you know. I want you to have me in every way. I want you to *** all over my breasts and face, then rub your seed into my skin. I’ll lick every one of your fingers clean and rest my face in your hands.
I’m naked, bare, and vulnerable – will I be destroyed, my heart ripped up and tossed to the winds?
And scared though that makes me - my greatest fear is time, the clock ticks relentlessly. The desert dust of time brings even the mighty down. I hear the drums in my mind, I refuse to despair and hold onto desire, to life to hope. As I hold you the clock faces melt away and I drift into dreamless sleep. Goodnight.

So this is what I imagine it would be like with you, making love over and over. I know you'd be really protective, i'd love to be in your arms. But i would really love to be totally ******, totally belong to you. I know how you would look at me, it makes me feel so sexy. I know how sexy and toned your body is - hard. I would want you again and again.

I've never really made love to anyone who's been crazy about me, I've never surrendered physically and emotionally. Do you understand? This story about that, and being frightened of being hurt. Being destroyed.....because I let someone else take control, and that would leave me vulnerable. Bare. Scared.

But as well as the passion, I always knew how much we'd talk, you telling me your stories. We'd do nothing but talk, ****, sleep and eat.... perfect

The drums, well they are more than one thing. They could be beating out a call to war, and I dont want you going back there. They could be the song of the soldier who has to go back to his family. They could be the sound of a heartbeat, of passion itself.

And then there's time; I'm scared that the only time I'll ever get with you will be limited.... begging every second to stretch for an hour, but then even the most powerful cant solve that one!

So sexytrolldaddy, this one is all about you.

drums, worse case scenario:

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kisses and night playing it out..

all the girl in this story wants is to sleep in your arms and wake with your touch. your dirty lil touch

well sugar im very very good with my hands

even better with your tongue... charmer ;)

hush the tongue thing was going to be a surprize...

I'll just pretend i cant read! :D

That works cause i cant write.

you are just fishing for compliments. you write like you and you are the best

why thank you...im awful fond of you...Your so cute (for a troll)

only a girl troll can keep up with a bad boy troll (excuse me whilst I pick a few lice from my hair)

crap - i've blown the goddess thing again, havent i?

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one of the best thing i have ever read...

i think we should spend days recreating this one....