The Old Woman And The Little Green Snake

The girl grew old, and alone. Not lonely, just alone.
And the nights closed in and the storms grew darker and bolder. The winter's winds yelled and howled around the hut in which she lived. The old women was forced to go out and seek firewood, when she saw a small emerald green snake, huddled on the frozen ground - almost dead. 
Poor snake the woman thought, so she took it back to her hut and nursed it. Warmed it and fed it until it had regained the strength it had lost. Then one day it turned and bit her....
The old women felt the poison paralysing her limbs, and with her ragged dying breath she asked the snake why? To which the snake replied 'it is in my nature to bite', but the women just smiled and with her last gasp said 'and it was in mine to save you'

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you cant be that good...No body is..ill have to think on that

Its not me! silly! If it had been me, the ending would have read: 'arsehole snake, the woman cried, and at her last, straining with effort, she smashed the little **** over the head with a brick'
wink, snigger, lol
Seriously though, there is something in this about accepting that we cant change the heart our natures, and that is not one sided. Both will die because neither could adapt perhaps.
Both this and the scorpion story, have a victim and an aggressor. The aggressor can not help itself (its pre-destined to behave thus) but I am merely saying that maybe the 'victim' also can not help itself also. It is the ying to the yang. The light and the dark.
As for me, I am neither an old lady or a frog. Although I really love frogs for some strange reason. They are so hoppy!

but you're right..... no one is that good, just like no one is that bad..... and i reckon eeyore that you are neither the snake or the scorpion. We are all just shades of grey; you are black with a streak of white, and i am white with a streak of black. Or is that visa versa?
Hee hee! kisses troll lover.......

you get the point of the story exactly...most people dont..

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