Heavens Lubally

  May you hear the angel's sing of our Savior's love, when storms of life roll in & distract your thoughts!

    When you sleep at night; may the angels above, gaurd you from nightmares & fill your dreams of love & harmony!! When you feel nervous or anxious or just may be in dout; may you hear Heaven's Lubally in your mind as you sleep, may you hear these beatiful words come out of the angels of Heaven tonight & may there words give you comfort & fill your heart & mind with peace.

     Child of God; our brother in Christ, we are with you wherever you may go or wherever you are! You have nothing to fear but fear itself; dance like no one is watching or around, love as if you have never loved or have ever been loved before, chase your dreams like there is no tomorrow, & follow your heart & remember God is with you always just kneal to Him and pray & talk a while with our Heavenly Father, for He is always listing! Just be patient when you pray and talk to Him, just because your prayers aren't answered over night, dosen't mean God isn't listing or dosen't care, cause He does, just remember in His time when He knows what is best and when its best to answer your prayers, He will answer them according to how they should be answered, which is in His time and in His will, only God knows what is best, not earthly mothers.

 Today, tomorrow, the next few hrs, the next few seconds, next yr, & every month listen closey to Heaven's lubally & how sweet the voices of Heaven's angels sound!

I wrote this for my boyfriend, my soul mate, my best friend and so much more! He's been through a lot in his short life and death is all he has really gotten to know, I suppose anyone could understand that he has nightmares cause of the pain of his life especially waking up to the one woman that is supposed to be ur wife and she dies right beside of u in her sleep, and u awake and she's gone! So this goes to my bf Frank and I love him so much, he's my life and we have been together now for 8 months, in December we will be together 1 yr. So Frank this goes to ya and u know who u are, I love u deeply!
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4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

aw ty so much to my great support systmen cjpsf5 and bbuds, u all are great people ty, and ty for readin my experince that I wrote. May God bless u both:}

That was beautiful. You probably make his life a lot better. True, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. That is my favorite part.

ty cjpsf5 I greatley spperacite ur support and kindness again thanks, I wrote this myself like I do all of my other writtings, but this one I espeically wrote just for my bf Frank, the love of my life and my soul mate, please keep him in ur prayers buddy, again thanks :}

Great post. So true. Thanks for sharing......