For Miss Liptongal(:

So The Other Day You Commented On My Story And You Asked Me If Your House & Car & Everything You Owned Was Gonna Be Burnt Down,What Would You Take With You?Well I Would Definitely Make Sure I Had My "Memory".It's This Pretty Big Glass Bowl,That I'v Had Since I Was Younger,Nine I Think,And I Would Keep Everything That Had Some Meaning Or Value To It In There. Inside I Keep Things Like The Sea Shell My Boyfriend From Freshman Year Got Me For My Birthday,As Well As His Shark Tooth Necklace.I Have Todd's Jacket That He Let Me Wear When I Went To His House For The First Time.I Have The First Story I Ever Wrote Called"Five"I Have A Picture Of My Father Holding Me After I Was Born.I Have A Blue"K" Letter Silly Band That My Best Friend From Eighth Grade Gave Me.I Have Journal Entries I Used To Write,As Well As Plenty Of Poems, Stories,Letters,And Art Work.Everything IN There Is Very Important To Me.It's Where My Heart Rests When I Experience Something Meaningful To Me In Life.That's All I Can Think Of For Now,Besides Ofcourse Saving Myself(:
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Haha this is great, i'm glad you did it!! <br />
I think it's really cool that you have things that you keep that you can associate with happy memories from the past, that mean something to you.<br />
<3 this is a cute list =)

Haha yeah no problem. Im glad you liked it:) thankyouuu:)