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In Full Bloom

Close your eyes ...
Let your body be light
Feel the touch
Of the fingers traveling
Through all the extension of your skin
Even with eyes closed
Feel all the given sensations
That are present in every touch
In each thought
Allow yourself ...
To discover the real you

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my touch is better! rawr!

I close my eyes and I can feel your touch....

It's amazing how far my touch can reach... ;)

*travels faerie fingers on Taken and Princess... holds Taken's hands to touch Princess silky hair... gently clasps Taken's hand with faerie's hand... ... ... then pulls Princess' hair!!!*

That's how it's done. ;)

Oh Taken... faerie knowwwsss some mooooves... ;)

From horse to beaver to goose to duck... think now he's turned chicken.

The chicken bucks... Gee now sucks!!!
Yaaaadeeeedaaaahhh...! *scores one for the faerie*

*stalking thread to see where it goes and has already bookmarked it as a favorite and can't get the mental images out of his head until the chicken showed up and now it is starting to go all wrong*
*TH is gonna pluck it....Run chicken RUN!*

Run chicken run
Next is plucking your bun!


I have a picture in my head of a chicken wearing metal leg braces and Sylph holding an armful of books yelling Run Forest Run and TH driving after the chicken with an evil grin

We are peas and carrots, you know... ... who made you Forrest?

But he wants to be Forrest!!! *takes screwdriver and loosens screws on leg braces*

Life is like a box of beavers. You never know which one you are going to get.

*wipes tears... whack*
So you're that kind of Forrest... collect and select... that was my motto before.

Not likely. Unless I had six legs for running faster and shoe throwing

I had chicken for dinner too. Chicken cutlets.

They didn't use your chicken legs, no?

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