This is my first chapter I wrote it in the car the other day please let me know what you think?? Comment if you would like me to post the second chapter!

I hopped off the the bus and immediately felt eery. Goosebumps crawled over my skin like feathers sending chills up and down my spine. I looked behind me but no one was in my line of sight. I continued walking home still feeling the presence of someone following me and failed to shrug it off. I couldn't ignore the presence, it was too confronting. I rounded the corner of the end of the street and made a split decision to bolt a few houses down to my house, not caring if now if they new where I lived. Immediately a dark green van sped around the corner and roared into the chase. I screamed unintentionally and ignored the burning in my lungs as I continued running. My neighbours were out collecting their children and the street was practically deserted. I ran to the front door and it was slightly ajar, not caring that someone had broken in I pushes it open. I had to get to the phone in the kitchen. My hand brisked the living room table before I felt massive hands latch themselves across my waist. This time however, I screamed intentionally, praying that someone, anyone would hear and come to the rescue. Another set of hands gripped down on my flailing arms and across my mouth. I was dragged roughly out the front door and as my eyes caught sight of the van my panic reached it's peak. I knew I had to do whatever it took to not let them force me into that van or I was a goner. I could practically vanish and no one would find me, at least not until it's too late. Fresh tears pricked my eyes and I continued to thrash around in their hold. I managed to wrench my head out of their grip and scream, beg for help. Praying to somehow break free and make it to a nearby house and hammer on their door for help that never came. I was dragged to the van but I put up a fight, most people would've frozen in this situation but not me, I knew it was coming but not when exactly. The van's door was thrusted open and I was thrown in roughly and tossed into the middle with the my attacker to my left and the door was slammed shut. I gulped as I noticed another person was to my right so I was trapped in the middle. As soon as the door shut we sped off and their attention was directly focused towards me. Both front seats were occupied so I dived for the boot. Immediately hands were on me and I tried to kick them off but they held on with all of their might. I was pulled back into the seat and held in place by their strong arms who had to be guys. I was laid across their laps and my arms and legs were sat on by their extremely heavy weight. I struggled uselessly under their hold and a cloth was shoved into my mouth followed by tape across it. Fresh tears flowed freely down my face and I knew I was practically dead. A silky cloth was pressed to my nose and as I couldn't breathe through my mouth I cut off my airways and I held my breath for dear life. I felt my stomach being poked and as I'm extremely ticklish my breath unhitched itself I breathed out. Reflexes took over and I greedily breathed in allowing the substance to enter my system and take hold. At this affirmation I was tickled and was forced to breath in again, my movements were taken over and I flinched. The drug gripping it's hold on my body working it's way through my veins before enveloping me unconscious into the heavy darkness that surrounded me.
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Please post the second chapetrt

I'm impressed! I'm sure the goons have no idea who they're dealing with ;)