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No Response

I wrote you a letter and poured out my heart. You didn't even answer me and it kinda broke my heart. It's my fault I should've known from the start that you didn't care about my heart. You always say you're blunt and say what's on your mind but yet not a word all this time. I expected so much more of you. I guess that's my fault too.

I guess the hardest part to understand is the indifference and the rudeness. Confused what would make you do this. Why couldn't you just talk to me? I thought we were friends. While I don't understand why things had to end and it's really hard to lose a friend but I learned a lesson along the way...Everyone in your life won't stay....

Yes I wrote you a letter but I received NO Response!!
sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 9 Responses Jul 24, 2011

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People in general sadly think of their own feelings first. It's easier to walk away then to deal with things.<br />
So many wimps in this world. We all deserve better than this.

Yes bass to me it is hard to say you are a man if you can't man up and handle things like one. It was painful but I call it a lesson learned!! :)

I feel your pain. Not so long ago I wrote a letter to my friend/lover. She replied, but it wud be much better ,if she didnt. <br />
The worst thing that she pretends it never happened at all. I opened my heart, tried to give her a chance, foolishly thought it would stir smth in her...<br />
He will regret it, you 'll see.<br />
Love yourself and stay strong.

He already does...btw..I am always going to love me!! Thanks for commenting and reading I hope you feel better.


Ok, now I understand. I'm a bit late but, remain positive. You will get the right person for you at some stage. It always happens when you least expect it.

Thanks Snowbunny it did help to write the letter.. and I agree I shouldn't have had to write the letter at all. I won't lie it does still bother me that he didn't respond. Thanks for reading and commenting.

sexxydiva- I am so sorry he didnt have the courtesy to respond but at least you were able to get all of it out onto paper. Usually that helps all of us. <br />
Stay strong, you deserve more respect and if he were a true friend you wouldn't of had to write the letter at all.

Thanks Girl! I appreciate your kind words.

This is so poignant, I wish that the person it was intended for, had given you the courtesy of replying to your letter, and giving you an explanation, and some closure.......Its their loss, not having you being a part of their lives....

LOL...PT you know you're biased and you only say that because you love But thanks!!