And Put It Here So You Can Visit It

This is a thank you letter.  A letter that provides my all in thanks as never have I had so much to be grateful for in life and, for all i am thankful, is invested in one person - You.

You have defined so many things for me, things I believed were always present in my life and I fancied to have control of them, yet now realise i knew nothing of.  Love, happiness, trust, being one, and a future.  You are all things to me, and that is not at all inkeeping with the cynical voice i have had in the past in which I believed no one person could be everything.  You took me by surprise in your existence as I knew you had lived an eternity in my dreams and then you showed up and proved, that my dream had come true.  You turned me from Ms Ice into Ms Mush

I can never put into words what exactly i feel for you.  It is beyond love, it is beyond everything I have ever known and is something much powerful than myself and exists beyond me.  And I know you know this, but I write this letter so that you see the thought process that I am living blissfully in the indefinable love that we share. 

I love you always

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Oct 29, 2009