It Depresses The Hell Out Of Me

it depresses the hell outta me!!!
i hate that i love and hate you....
i wish i could pick just one and go with that....
make some sense of it all...
this constant gug of war, makes it very hard to give you a place - and leave you there.
i dont know where you belong
you are the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me
and that just doesnt make any sense -
how can you be both? its just not possible?
i just cant accept that and maybe thats why its so hard to let you go.
it just feels so sureal...
i still think about you everyday and it kills me -
i hate that i do
i dont want to think about you any more
please leave me alone.....
larga minha alma!!!
SilvaSurfa SilvaSurfa
1 Response Jul 19, 2010

wow thanks for your comment, Patientalpha. i sure hope I'm not one of those who ends up having a relationship with the pain.... i want to let go i really do!!