Love Like No Other

I love you, with every breathe I could ever breathe. You Sir, are my life. The love we share and care for everyday is unique. It's spiritual and it's beautiful. It has no boundaries. We have journied to the bottom of hell and back. We have seen glimpses of heaven in each others eyes. We know, above all - God gave us to each other for a reason. I love you no matter what happens. All I want is to see you grow old with me and hold your hand the entire time. We feed on each others love and our bond is one that cannot be broken. Do you understand there is nothing I wouldn't do for you? You are a beautiful person, inside and out and I've always known that. I want to be the one you sleep with in your arms everynight and the one you wake up to every morning. I know it's hard when the world is against us, but trust - with love all things are possible. We have proven that time and time again, that nothing can take our bond away... you're made for me and I am made for you, and we can prove it when we cuddle, and our bodies just melt into one another so perfect and harmonious. You are beautiful baby, beautiful. We are going to make it until the end of time - together. Forever, the heavens will sing of our love and the angels will be by our side until we reach our final resting place together. I love you. I love the way you look, the way you talk, the way you look my in eyes. I love the way you kiss me softly and the way you squeeze my hands whenever I need that comfort. You're truly perfectly unperfect for me, and as we fix our problems and imperfections (together) know that our love will ALWAYS stand the test of time, and in the end babe, it's going to be me and you....

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2 Responses Nov 7, 2008

This was so touchingly beautiful and romantic. To have that kind of love it very inspiring and deep. You have a wonderful way of expressing your love in this letter. <br />
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There truly is a kind of love that can make you feel anything is possible...

Thank you guys! =) It's truly from the heart, hopefully can write more soon, I am usually pretty good at writing love letters =)