A Letter To My Love With No Response

I wrote my love a letter and one month later  he still has yet to respond. Will he ever? Did I ruin my chances to even remain just friends by expressing my true emotions with words written on lines?  I know that I should move on and I am taking cautious steps in order to do so. All I can reminisce on were the good times; the phone calls, adoring text messages, late night dinner dates, words of encouragement and warmth. Now I don't hear anything from him. All I would want is some closure. If he could just respond by saying "hey, I read your letter, I just don't feel the same". That would make me feel so much better, but I am a lonely girl hanging on to questions that will probably never be answered. It's okay though, I know that there are bright and lovely gentleman out there more than willing to share the love that I have in my heart with me.

mediamaiden mediamaiden
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2010

You're right, there are bright and lovely gentleman out there for you.<br />
Your ex-love's not answering your letter is cowardly. He's just saved you from a lot of unhappiness down the line. Find someone with integrity to make you happy.