Ashes On The Wind

I have sat down several times and written to you. Letters that will never know the mail. No stamps.

I tell you how very much I still love you. I tell you all the silly things about my days.

Sometimes I have to put them aside and come back when my thoughts are clear. Some have been pages and pages long.

Always I remember how very much we truly listened to each other.

I can't begin to tell you, or explain to anyone else how empty my days are. For the very short  number of days we had together, how much my life was filled.

I write about our plans, our hopes, our dreams.

And I ask for your opinion, your thoughts, your help. I need your shoulder to cry on so much.

I know you wouldn't have left by choice, but I do understand. It doesn't ease my emptiness in my heart, or seal the hole left in my soul; but I do understand.

I write to you of my wish. Just one wish...or somedays maybe two.

I wish for just one more day. Just one. (I laugh, because one would never be enough) The other wish comes and goes, That I could have gone with you that day.

I think about it. Why did I decide that I didn't need to drive?

I think about a few feet either direction and I wouldn't be sitting at night writing letters that will never see the mail. No stamps.

I write all my love into those letters.

Every ounce of magic I have is poured into the ink, the pages, the forming of the manuscript. All my hopes and dreams, and nightmares, and fears, and longing, every wish I could ever have; goes into those letters.

And then, I seal them with my tears. One last look at the envelope, addressed to you and only you, and then the candle's flame takes hold.

I wrote you a love letter, and sent it to you;

Ashes on the wind.

Tzech Tzech
46-50, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

It's beautifully written.