4 The Sexiest Man In The World

Dear Sexy,

Life can be cruel but when it all comes together there is no moment as sweet. That is how I feel about meeting you. You have rekindled the passions deep within me with your charm, intelligence, and humor. You have given me one more reason to look forward to tomorrow.  I love your kindness, your caring, your humorous side, your intelligence, oh and your beauty - both inside and out.  I got a glimpse of the real you and I love it.  The fact that you are so real with me keeps me wanting to come back for more and more of you. 

I am missing you this morning. I want to see you and talk to you, as your masculine voice sends waves of lust and passion jetting though my veins.  My mind wandered to what you might be doing and if you are okay.  It may be a small world but it doesn’t feel like it at this moment when I am missing you.  I am trying to talk my way out of this emotion by reminding myself how lucky I am to be able to have you to miss.  Yes, I am a very lucky woman with you in my life and now the whole world knows it too, or at least those that come to EP. lol



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14 Responses Feb 14, 2010


Get a room!! LOL!!! You guys are getting me excited.

Thanks y'all!!!!! :)

He is a lucky man, moreso than he probably realizes. I hope he has the same cherished thoughts toward you dear lady. And my thoughts are that he probably does :)

Well I hope he appreciates all your efforts!

another great one from FGmmmmmm.<br />
Have a great day, girl. **hug**

Oh I am working on just that, lol

If he does not then you better let him know in person!

I think he knows it too. :)

Damn - some guys have all the luck :)

Love is to the maximus.


That is one lucky Guy... I'm happy for you...

:) It is an okay feeling for now JP. I hope I feel that way tomorrow.