He Misspelled It!

We were on vacation on HIlton Head Island earlier this year and on our last morning there I wanted a picture of our name in the sand. Happy to oblige, my husband grabbed a stick and proceeded to write our names. But wait, he misspelled my name. We've been together 15 years so it's not like he forgot, but he is severly dyslexic so I'm not surprised. We moved on to a new spot and he did it again, correctly this time since I told him how. I love him no matter what name he calls me or how he spells it.
RawRedhead RawRedhead
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6 Responses Jul 20, 2010

awww thats cute in a way

No one visits me on Dec 25th. I prefer to celebrate the winter solstice on the 21st

Are we still on for that beach in Fiji? I'll write anything you want.

I want to be with you. Just to make sure you spell it correctly. OK?

So true! Next time I will write Dog + Red and post that picture ;-)

All he need remember is "Red". Only one "Red"!