Can You Believe We Argued All Night About A Plastic Bag?

I will tell you now that this story is so stupid. You won't believe how idiotic it is. So here it is. My hubby used to be a truck driver and he used to be gone for long periods of time, leaving me alone at home. After a while he became paranoid that I would get lonely and cheat on him while he was gone. Of course I would never do something like that. One day he came home from being on the road. He walks into the bathroom then walks out holding a small plastic bag he had found in the trash. He asks me who came to the house while he was gone. I told him no one had come over while he was away. I had been there by myself for the last few days. He told me I was lying. I told him I wasn't lying. He then accused me of having an affair and that he had found the evidence. He held the bag to my face. I was like WTF. I was completely confused. He said he had found this bag in the trash and it had the words "EZ MART" printed on it. He wanted to know who the bag belonged to. I told him I had no idea. We argued all night long about how the bag got into the trash. I honestly have never heard of EZ MART and had no idea where the bag came from. After several hours of arguing I finally got him to believe about the stupid bag. I don't know how I did it but I did. You I finally figured out how that bag got in the trash though. I was driving through Arkansas and Texas and I saw at least a hundred gas stations named "EZ MART." Now he usually had a lot of runs in Texas and Arkansas. So it was him who bought something from the EZ MART and brought it home and threw the bag in the trash and completely forgot that he had ever been to a store called EZMART and of course forgot about the bag.
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1 Response Apr 17, 2008

This was kinda funny... at his own expense. However my concern would be: With his agression at accusing YOU, are you sure HE isn't the one cheating? Cause I have a jealous hubby, too. He cures that by refusing to take jobs that would keep him away from home overnight. I hear alot of jealous men do this.