My Previous Account Disappeared!

WTF is right. So about a week ago my EP account just ******* disappeared. I was happily browsing when I got an email notification on my phone, SO I go to check and I see and email from EP support. Its says I have a new message. So here I am all giddy "ohmigoshwholovesme?!" XD

I get back to EP and click on the message link or whatever. It sends me to a page that says. "You have no new messages, there was a problem you can usually fix this problem by logging out and then back in again." (Some where along the lines of that anyway.) So Im thinking OK, EP has never failed me, Ill try it. I tried. Nothing. Then again. Damn thing told me I dont exist.....! WTF?! T_T

I decided to check the mysterious email I got right before I was eliminated. It said something about "mature content"! Any friends I had before KNOW I didnt have any adult groups,nudes or anything like WTF? I still havent figured it out, I wrote an email to EP support. Anywhoooo....

If you were my friend before please add me again :)
Shaydoll Shaydoll
18-21, F
1 Response May 22, 2012

Its good to have you back, what have you been up to lately?