Violence Over Puppy Treats...

 This is long.

It was ridiculous and I was mainly an observer. but for some background

In my haste to save the poor, unlucky piece of material, I took a towel away from the puppy because he was being a little devil at the moment and my bf reminded me in an instructive manner, not scolding in any way to have him drop it and move him away, and to remember to order him before just grabbing so he understands it is mine and not his as to not create unneeded tension.. so we move on with the day without a second thought about this...


also my bf asked his mother the night before to pick up some puppy chow from the store while he picked me up... this is all he brought up to get for himself. She asks what about treats? and he goes if YOU (noted for future reference) want to get the puppy treats I don't mind, but he doesn't need any special "treats" because I can reward him with his food and praise...they hang up and life goes on for the next day... She also told him before he was to get the dog that she will help out in any way possible with the puppy if he were to actually get it.

now... hours later (after the puppy v towel battle)... my bfs mother comes into the bedroom with a wal-mart receipt for the puppies food and other things that she picked up for us when my bf was out picking me up and she was at the store...

She then goes to explain how much the food was and how she'll "go in a couple dollars on the treats since it was 5 dollars and she wanted to (help out)"

My bf then looks at her like she just spoke Russian to him and goes "I didn't even tell you to buy treats for the dog for me? Why is it that I go in a couple dollars when I asked you to only pick up dog food for me?" (he later speaks of how he was told by her that she would help out in any way possible with money and stuff if he finds it hard to buy things for the pup or needs a babysitter and stuff since he is already spending hundreds of dollars to get this puppy and how she told him how much she really wanted him to get it)

she goes: "you told me to pick up treats."

he says, no I gave you permission to buy treats for my dog, not to get them for me for my dog

(meanwhile I'm just sitting there playing with the dog while they banter not getting anywhere)

now, she does this weird transition into talking about how she never heard of not getting a dog treats, and how he deserves treats and such raising her voice about how ridiculous it is NOT to get the puppy treats... Then my bf gets mad because now she is literally yelling at him about treats when all he asked for was puppy chow.

Now I'm getting rather annoyed because I hate being in a room with two people yelling over top of me.. its awkward to say the very least. Meanwhile the coolest dog ever acts as if there is nothing going on and stays focused on pouncing on some invisible force on the floor. (yes he pounces too cute right)

My boyfriend is now explaining to her in a raised voice in reaction to her yelling so he could be heard explaining again how he only wanted puppy chow... she then goes into a rant

his mom: now that's something else I don't get... Why don't you keep his bowl filled up with puppy chow? he's got to get hungry more than three times a day...

My boyfriend: no, he needs only three meals a day and no more.  Its bad for him to eat more than that because he doesn' t know when to quit eating and will eat too much.  Also we are potty training him and knowing when he eats and how much he eats is how we can better tell when he needs to go out. And another thing one of his siblings died from choking on their puppy food so it is important that we are watching him when he eats because he tries to suck it down too fast, if he had his bowl filled constantly and we weren't around when he was eating he could die.

his mom: well I have never heard of such a thing you have to be wrong, puppies are allowed to eat whatever they want

my boyfriend: no mom, listen to me, the professionals, the people who know what they are talking about told me, to NOT feed MY dog any more than three good meals a day. He is not starving, he is perfectly happy and fine.  He is not weak as you can see he is perfectly fine with the three meals a day. Now can you please leave the room if you are going to continue yelling

his mom: oh whatever, he still needs his treats!! 


my boyfriend: no mom he does not NEED treats, we can reward him with regular puppy chow and praise. NOW I do not mind if YOU want to buy him treats but I am saying with being on a budget and spending a lot of money already that designated treats are a luxury we DO NOT NEED for our dog. Now can you please leave, you said what you needed to and I'm done talking to you if you are only going to yell at me.

his mom: I can't believe you don't think he deserves treats, how can you think that precious animal doesn't deserve to be treated with something special. you are horrible for not getting him treats, not like they are that expensive

(me thinking: are you not the one in here asking for 2 dollars back on a five dollar bag of treats?)

Now with that my boyfriend has had enough, he goes to close the door rather harshly as to prove a point that he has had enough.

His mom: HOW COULD YOU SLAM THAT DOOR IN MY FACE YOU HURT ME YOU BOUT HIT ME IN THE FACE WITH THE DOOR (impossible unless she was trying to keep him from closing the door because there is a gate restricting entrance in the door way.)

she continues to rant and rave about how ungrateful he is and a bunch of bs and slamming stuff around then comes back to the doors STILL yelling about the treats then PUNCHES the door when he says stop, geez I can't wait to move outta here! .

(ME FINALLY SPEAKING): Can you PLEASE stop yelling! I will not sit here with you in the door way ranting and raving about how to raise our dog. NOR WILL I TAKE YOU BEATING ON DOORS AND BEING VIOLENT J asked you to pick up puppy chow, not puppy chow AND treats.  He GAVE YOU PERMISSION to BUY MINE AND HIS dog treats if YOU WANTED TO not to buy them for us. Now the professionals say three meals a day are good for him and it will help in training him and keeping him healthy and strong. I have heard this whole conversation and I am a complete observer and I am tired of hearing all this fuss over dog treats! You said it yourself its not expensive so why are you creating all this fighting over a 2 dollars for a bag of treats!


me: speechless, WHAT THE F* is running through my head.  I open the door.... and needless to say I am pissed.

me: who the hell do you think you are and what kind of person do you think I am?... Do you honestly think I'm this poor little thing that can't stand up for myself to the person that I AM IN A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP WITH (me losing what was left of my cool)... I am not some "little itty bitty thing that will just take **** from people and suck up to them to get onto their good side" its not like I will do anything to be in his "good graces" as you put it. I can admit when I was doing something wrong and I took a towel away instead of instructing the dog, which was not the correct way to teach him, case closed, who are you to act like I take **** from people just so they will not be mad at me? He wasn't even being snippy or snappy or anything!  Now respect him, he already spent a TON OF MONEY on this dog, YOU SAID YOU WOULD HELP HIM WITH SOME THINGS, and you then have the nerve to come into his room and act as if HE OWES YOU MONEY FOR DOG TREATS HE DIDN'T ASK YOU TO GET FOR HIM! GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY. I close the door.


my boyfriend is looking at me with a smirk and asks me to just shut and lock the door and ignore her.  while she rants and raves about how much she does for us and how the dog deserves treats, and blah blah blah..

its official. the woman is utterly mad.

mad I tell you.



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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

LOL... it was absolutely killing me how passionate she was about those darned dog treats.. they weren't even organic so they are filled with by-products up the wazzoo.. totally not worth it in my opinion... but I laugh at how ridiculous it is now.. but at the moment I was fuming with frustration haha.. I have had to cut in once before when she was yelling at us for NOT doing something she told us NOT to do... but other than that, she normally keeps me out of it LOL..

I like how she was still talking about the treats after you slammed the door... I'm glad you yelled at her. That's how my grandmother is. It's very frustrating to deal with.