So today I almost got peed on by what I'm thinking was either a horse or a cow..


Let me explain..


I was walking to work this morning and one of those big old Lorry's that transport live stock drove past... You know the ones? With the slits along the sides?

Anyhoo a big old stream off **** came shooting out the side as the lorry drove along! It damn near hit me!

Damn..My morning could have ended up being a hell of allot worse! 

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5 Responses Feb 19, 2009

oh, ya sorry.... for some reason I had a picture of you driving... (I blame LSATS)


lol who in their right mind wouldn't... at least that is the question that occurs in my mind when thinking of reactions to a cow peeing on you through your car window...

awww... hahaha.. I'm sorry... thats certainly would have been a very uh... er.... interesting? morning lol!

Haha, times like these you got to hate the entire cattle population!

Until lunch time....