I was with my dad today as we patiently listened to a friend of my brothers go on, and on about his car.. (Yawn) He blathered on about how fast it could go from naught to sixty, Its souped up exhaust that made it really loud...The sound system that cost allot more than the one I have in my flat.. 

He eventually, asked my father "So, What do YOU drive?"

Without missing a beat, my dad replied..



"A clapped out Toyota, but that's OK since I have a big ****."



A simultaneously mortifying and hilarious moment. 


Its really no wonder I turned out the way I did....LOL

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8 Responses Feb 28, 2009

It trickled me.

Sounds like something my dad would say.


rofl nice.. i would love to see the guys face when ur dad said that

awesome... just awesome

I like your dad!<br />
<br />
What is it with guys and compensation cars? (I can say that, since I'm driving a '92 Toyota wagon.) Now if I get the Purple PT Prowler I drool over, then I'll have to keep my mouth shut!)

Dad = funny guy!