Negative Energy to Positive


I want to help you (WTHY) get in touch with the part of your body that gets the least amount of love. If you can’t think of a reason to do this, then don’t. 

  You will need at least ten things.

(1.) Several good pens and/or pencils. Several because you don’t want to stop if one stops working.

(2.) Two sheets of 8x11 paper.

(3.) Bunch candles. Black is best. Red is good, then whatever feels good to you.

(4.) Matches.

(5.) Clip board.

(6.) Full length mirror. Best if new or one you have never used before.

(7.) Plan to be alone on the night of the Dark of the moon. Not new, dark. Note, you won’t fine Dark of the moon on calendar because of deep seated prejudices toward my sweet Black Mother. However, Dark comes moments before new so you can work it out. If not dark then Full or whatever you can work out as you want. I am just saying…

(8.) Special, private room. Best if locked. Windows covered.

(9.) What ever you like that will help you get into the mood. Music, incense, vibrato...

(10) A coin to practices flipping. 

    You could do this “cold”. You could just say “I know what I like and don’t like about my body and I don’t need all this voodoo, who do, witchcraft stuff. OK. I just don’t think it works so well without “ambiance”, with out warming up to it. I can’t do it cold and I am good at this. Very good. Mmmmm maybe I could if I really had to, if I was pissed…Never mind. 

  (A.) Prior to the “ritual” draw a simple out line of your body with basic features. Hair, eyes, nose…down to your toes. ( Have you seen the hot picture of fungirlmmm’s toes?)  Now draw a straight line from each feature to side of figurer. On each line it’s best if you print the numbers 1to10 and -1 to -10.  Then do the same for the back side on the second sheet of paper.

(B.)   As often as possible use your “flipping coin” to help you make any decision. For example: You can’t decide whether to wear shoes A or B. Flip the coin, catch it and place it on your arm. DON’T LOOK!!! Hold your hand over the coin and close your eyes. Still your mind. Wait for it. Hopefully you will feel a tug, a small push to choose one or the other. NEVER look at the coin. Put the coin away until the next decision time. This little voice is key to the mirror ritual. If you can’t fine it this no good to you.

(C.)   Now you are ready. *****. (Take pictures and send them to me. Lol) Face the mirror, take a deep breath, relax and close your eyes. Open your eyes and focus on the top of your head/hair. Close your eyes and listen for the voice that informs you, connects you to your feelings, and you intuitively know that the best answer is…between -10 and plus 10… you keep doing this from top to bottom, front to back. 

  (D.) Rest. If you did this right you should need rest.

(E.)   Scan your sheets and look for the magick number. -10. If there is more then one, well you had better know what to do.

 (F.)    Now comes the hard part. Lol…was joking. Focus on the core of your most negative spot. (Did I mention you should have been taking yoga these past few years?) Place your finger over your right nostril and press so you can only breath threw your left nostril. Breathe in the light! Focus the air/light into/ onto/around and switch nostrils, breath out the putrid stagnated slime and let it oozes out your right nostrils…into your toilet? Do this for ~10 minutes. Repeat as needed.

(G.) Wait. Evolve.

(H.) Tune in next week as we prepare for the “Raising of the Dead ritual.” Suggest you go to Wal-Mart and get a discount for paper by the ream and pens by the case…DD     

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thisisiallihave, yes. The dark of the Moon is tonight and is the best time to do this ritual. If tonight is to soon then be ready for the next one...DD

MissBebe, you and your avatar are welcome anytime.<br />
I ordered a powerful magnifying lens and it should get here soon so don’t change your avatar picture!<br />
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WarriorMom , i believe that there is always a powerful positive charge hiding in the most negative charge...DD<br />
<br />

Balance a healthy Positive by taking away the negative.

TheOnlyConstantIs<br />
Change- what does this mean? o_O

I am so glad I "shared my comment" on this post! The next day I won the 150 million $$$ lotto!!! I heard another person did not comment and just passed it on...well I don't want to scare you but that person got banned from the boy schots (?) WOW...DD