ISLAM,not a Religion But a Way of Life..

1.what faith are you?

I am a muslim who follows islam(not born into islam but reverted to isalm by my own will.) you consider jesus to be the son of God or a prophet?

As a christian i was raised to believe that jesus was the son of God tho in my heart i did not truly believe this,indeed he was the  great prophet of God and that he is one of the great messengers to deliver a divine message of monotheism,(oneness)

3.what restrictions or rules does you faith follow?

Islam is a way of life and is based on purity and anything that is good for us. The quran is a book of laws and guidlines  to humanity to insure justice,peace,purification of the heart and mind,social conduct,cleanliness,morality,human rights,animal rights,political,economic system and science,therefore there many.Just to give small eg. 1/PORK IS FORBIDDEN,WHY:THE PIG IS THE ONLY ANIMAL THAT DOES NOT HAVE A JUGULAR VEIN WHICH SEPERATES THE GOOD AND BAD WASTE,HENCE THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT 2/MURDER,TO KILL ONE INNOCENT SOUL IS AS IF YOU HAVE KILLED MANKIND IN ITS ENTIRETY.There are five pillars that are the foundation of islam which are,declaration of faith,preying five times a day,giving to charity,fasting a whole month and visiting the pilgrimageto makka.

4.what or who do you praise and why?

I praise ALLAH the God of mankind,the creator of the heavens and earth and everything inbetween,my lord and your lord,WHY- as there is nothing more worthy to praise.

5.what do you think is the most fasternating thing about your religion?

As i said i dnt like to use the word religion as this is limited, it is a way of life,what i find fasternating is the scientifical teachings.

6/who or where did u learn about your faith?

My childhood friend introduced me to islam and my teachings are from my own research and study.

7.Do you believe in hell?

Indeed i do,there must be a day of reackoning where every human soul will be accountable for what he or she did.

8.Where do you think good people go and bad people go?

I believe that there is a day of reackoning where every soul shall be given its scroll of this life and they will be judged according to there true intention of the heart which only and only GOD knowes,therefore good to heaven and bad to hell. No one can judge as we do not sit in eacthothers hearts or minds. you believe in reincarnation and why?

I dont believe in reincarnation as i believe this life on earth is a test for mankind and our eternal eternity life is in the hereafter where it all really begins.

10.what books have you read to help you on your path?

Holy Quran,a breif illustarated guide to understaning islam,the quran and modern science by dr. maurice bucaille,purpose of our life by khalid yassin,the 100 ranking of the most influential persons in history by michael h.hart.


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thanks Allah bless you and guide to all nonbelievers ameen.

Beautiful post. May Allah bless you.

Thank you for sharing your believes here god bless