One Truth and Several Paths to the Truth

1-Of what faith are you?                                                                                                                          

I believe all faiths are equally right; so I don't belong to any of them.

2-Do you consider Jesus to be the son of god or just a profit or both? And why?                                 

My theory on Jesus is that he was god, but that he gave himself to several different religions.  Not just Christianity. (example Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, etc..)

3-What restrictions or rules dose your faith follow? Example LDS do not believe in drinking caffeine or alcohol.  (Name as many as you can)                                                                                                    

No restrictions except what we choose to be right or wrong.

4- What or who do you praise and why?                                                                                             

I don't think that God wants us to praise or worship him, but just acknowledge him.

5-What do you think is the most fascinating thing about your believe?                                                  

 We were given the freedom to choose how we react to the world.

6- Who or where did you learn about your believes?                                                                                

I've read books that helped make up my own mind on this.

7-Do you believe in hell?                                                                                                                      

We choose to live in hell everyday.

8-Where do you think ‘’good’’ ppl go once dead and where do “bad” ppl go?                                     

They all go to wherever they choose to go, but I haven't died so I don't know.

9-Do you believe in reincarnation? Why?                                                                                           

If that's what our soul chooses after death.  Sometimes our souls don't want to leave, or there might be some things it needs to experience before it goes to wherever it's going.

10-What books have you read(besides the bible) that have helped you on your path?  

"Conversations with God", The Torah, bits and pieces of the Koran,  Buddhist scriptures, Books on the Ancient Near East,  some of the Vedas, and a few books here and there on Asian religions.


Roscosan Roscosan
26-30, M
Feb 21, 2009