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After trying different paths , i realized there are all flawed from the point of view of my own experience. If you are christian , pagan , ect and it works for you , and you know from the bottom of your heart that you are being sincere and not just pretending to belong just for the heck of it then thats perfect i will respect that unless someone with the "holier or better than you attitude " tries to attack me


1.Spirituality is about practicality . I remember walking down a street and thinking about someone close to me , which recent actions i did not agree with or liked . In my mind i was about to judge her and by that i mean think in a bad way about her , but i stopped for a second and decided not to. In that moment this fresh energy went through my chest and i felt lighter and better about the situation, i wonder what would have happened if i kept thinking bad about her. Surely what i always do , obsess about it and end up with a cloudy mind and heavy heart. What i mean by this is that spirituality is either something that you practice or you dont. Every action and word counts , and all our lives are being recorded by higher consciousness beings. Its not about going to a Church , pray to god and as soon as you get out of there start making all kind of contradictory actions , lying , cheating ect and at the same time expects that everything will be ok because you  go to church . That in which you focus the most will happen in your life .

My religion is just my own set of beliefs based both on experience and observation with results. It have a little bit of Buddhism , Christianity and Wicca and a little new age at times

2. I do believe theres  a god , but its not male or female , as i also believe "it" its pure energy and pure energy doesnt need a gender identification . Its the maximus manifestation of love , compassion , altruism and balance.

3. Throughout history , spiritual figures such as jesus , buddha ect are teachers with different versions of the same Truth , but they are not to be worshiped or taken as "gods" as they are just human , only more evolved ones.

4.In my world , we DO NOT get rewarded or punished by  god because it will violate the law of free will in the first place. Karma its what makes your life better or worse , whatever you send out to the universe comes to you sooner or later , in this life or another. The responsibility is ours not of god to blame.

5. As indicated above , reincarnation happens. Its our duty to learn all lessons ,because for me its a joke that in only one life you can become the best that you can be  and become aware to distinguish between good and bad , real and fake , love and hate again and again until our souls are ready to leave for a higher dimension where we take other roles and keep learning , as soul development never ends.

6. No heaven or hell ,For me its all about different and varied dimensions equipped for the different levels of soul development. Lets say you were someone who killed , steal and dont care about others ,research on near death experiences have noticed a pattern that these people either see nothing when they are dead , others a horrible place , and others are given a life review to show them their wrongdoings , what im trying to say its that it could be as flexible as its get , according to our karma's , but we never stay "forever" in any of these dimensions for we have to come back and experience for ourselves , being killed , robbed from and no one giving a damn about us because only this way we can observe what we have done to the other. It hurts uh?

7. I practice and believe in magic , it gives me the opportunity to use , control and develop the abilities inside of us that usually not many people pay attention to. Whenever i say this , some think im also a pagan or do black magic , which is an assumption it shouldnt be made so easily like that . First i do not go to any gods for supernatural manifestations of my own power. I do not worship , ask for stuff or work with occult beings , because thats deluding myself when i know the key is inside of me .

I even write my own spells , not to take anyone elses and never ever do something crazy like making someone love me , or bind them to my will , its a selfish act that will make your life miserable at the end. Whenever i do a ritual or spell is to bring more of a certain characteristic into my life or for cleansing purposes . For example there are times i have been in need of courage , or luck or positivity . First i wait for the proper planetary influence to be present , which brought me to astrology and numerology . When the right planets are of influence the magic is even stronger with a better outcome but it works anyways if you do it at any time.

Its not evil , its not dark !its simply working with the energies around you and opening yourself to your own psychic self. I have seen such wonderful things happen when i apply action and magic at the same time. Jesus is a perfect example , the so called "miracles " he did is in everyone , he was not exclusive , we are also containers of healing and manifestating energy that can be liberated with proper training , no limiting beliefs , and full confidence in your abilities.

8.Meditation and chakra balancing exercises are very important to me , they open the way for  a more clear understanding of life.

9. I try not to follow the ways of general . Constantly competing with each other , seeking material goods to the cost of their own health , well being and peace of mind . Its very difficult not to become infested but i try to hand in there.

10. Laugh all i can at myself, dont wanna take it all too seriously !


I thank the creator of this group for coming up with such way to interact and know of everyones else beliefs in here ! thank you!


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I agree with just about everything you wrote. Therefore, you're awesome in my eyes. Peace and love!

Wow I didn’t expect you to answer so promptly thank you and I thought you would like to see what others have written there are a few that think just like you …I always thinks it’s nice to find “likeminded” ppl , any way it is on my story….the ten questions… hope you take a min to read some other answers and maybe find some cool ppl to chat with .

Your welcome and thank you for taking the time to put what you believe into words. It is so hard these days to just come out and say what you believe without someone spitting out what they think (which usually ends with I’m right and your totally wrong). When I started this group I actually had some specific Q. You have answered a lot of the Questions already but I was wondering if you could possibly answer the ones I have?(in shorter sentences, lol). If not it’s ok :) thanks for sharing <br />
<br />
1-Of what faith are you? <br />
<br />
2-Do you consider Jesus to be the son of god or just a profit or both? <br />
<br />
3-What restrictions or rules dose your faith follow? <br />
<br />
4- What or who do you praise and why? <br />
<br />
5-What do you think is the most fascinating thing about your believe? <br />
<br />
6- Who or where did you learn about your believes? <br />
<br />
7-Do you believe in hell?<br />
<br />
8-Where do you think ‘’good’’ ppl go once dead and where do “bad” ppl go? <br />
<br />
9-Do you believe in reincarnation? Why? <br />
<br />
10-What books have you read (besides the bible) that have helped you on your path?