Okay, 100 Things.

1. My name is Dustin
2. I turned 21 in March (2012)
3. Blueish-Grey eyes
4. I wear contact-lenses
5. I study IT online
6. I was busy with a OOP using C++ course before I took a break to do this.
7. I speak fluent English, moderate Afrikaans (It's like a slang version of Dutch)
8. I'm looking to learn Spanish and Italian.
9. I was born, and stil live in South Africa.
10. I'm a Christian.
11. I work 1 day a week (unless called in for extra days) as a technicain at my church.
12. I stil have both biological parents (never divorced)
13. I have 2 brothers. 1 older by 3 years and 1 younger by 5.
14. Every cellphone I've ever had was a Nokia (except for a Vodafone I used for a couple months)
15. I'm a big pc gamer.
16. I love music.
17. I enjoy jazz, rock, metal, classical, soul etc. But just not pop.
18. I'm single. Have been since April 2010
19. I'm in love but it's not returned.
20. I love WWE (I know it's all rehearsed but it's stil exciting)
21. I battle to sleep without some sort of audio (eg. Podcasts, Music, comedy skits)
22. I download most of my music (legally)
23. I don't Bittorent.
24. I used to watch alot of tv but I stopped a while ago.
25. I'm nice.
26. I drink socially, but have never been drunk (don't intend to)
27. I treasure good friends
28. I'm very tolerant.
29. I consider myself quite funny (http://www.4shared.com/mp3/-tISzQYA/dry_humour_dusty_volume_1.html <---- you be the judge of that)
30. I don't watch romance movies.
31. I like windows 7 but XP is stil easier.
32. I drink ALOT of coffee
33. I analyse quite abit (so I over analyse alot)
34. I love collecting rare items.
35. I keep EP as 1 of my start-up tabs on my browser (such a cool site)
36. I'm stil a virgin (proud of that)
37. I've been to Swaziland and Mozambique.
38. I enjoy old music (70's, 80's)
39. I don't smoke.
40. I've never been on a plane. Want to though.
41. I use headphones alot.
42. I use Google for when I don't know something.
43. I enjoy being in crowds and meeting new people.
44. I'm honest.
45. I'm very curious and love learning new things.
46. I mean what I say.
47. I feel neglected sometimes.
48. I feel depressed sometimes when people brag about their relationships.
49. I write poetry and then share it.
50. I can bake.
51. I'm irresponsible sometimes and pay for it.
52. I try be as helpful as possbile.
53. I work hard and don't relax too often.
54. I like to run.
55. I prefer to work behind the scenes, just makes me feel good.
56. I love road trips.
57. I stream alot of videos.
58. I'm willing to do almost anything for friends.
59. I'm planning to go on holiday down to the coast later this year.
60. I used to use broadband but now I use ADSL for internet access.
61. I enjoy good humor.
62. My favourit colors are black and red.
63. I don't like cheaters.
64. I watch rugby (not too much though)
65. I battle to get up early some days.
66. I love technology.
67. I love cats.
68. Distance doesn't matter to me.
69. I crave affection.
70. I like to dance.
71. I love loud music.
72. I'm very creative.
73. I don't expect anything in return.
74. I don't take criticism lightly sometimes.
75. I like being in charge of things, makes me feel needed.
76. I always have my phone with me.
77. I know where I stand and won't push boundaries.
78. I try be respectful of others.
79. I prefer to keep backups of stuff.
80. I don't do narcotics.
81. I am patient.
82. I am there for anyone who needs a friend.
83. I'm hetrosexual (straight)
84. I, at first, didn't believe it when they said Michael Jackson died.
85. I get to bed late most nights.
86. I'd love to whisper sweet nothing's into someone's ear one day.
87. I think about revenge often but hardly exact it on anyone.
88. I prefer compilation albums sometimes.
89. I have A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, CCDA, CCNA and other IT certifications
90. I'm not afraid t cry around people.
91. I take the longer way sometimes, because it's nicer
92. I like standing out.
93. I try stay up-to-date with whatever I do.
94. I would rather be alone than ruin a relationship.
95. I tried this to see how much I know about myself.
96. I've never been arrested.
97. I try think differently from time to time.
98. I was 100% honest with this list.
99. I tend to exaggerate sometimes (but not lie though)
100. I hope this lets you know more about me.
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