25 Huh?? Hmmm Not For The Faint Of Heart

1) I am not shy - I will ask questions that might make you squirm...be prepared ...but see #4
2) I am not a beyotch naturally... but I can be on purpose, DON'T mess up my coffee order - GRANDE NONFAT LATE EXTRA SHOT ICED... ICED ***** ICED!!!! I will push back and it won't be pretty. 
3) I am not a coward - but I am a bit insecure,, love me and I can fly. 
4) I am not a hater - my heart and mind are open. I wish everyone was. 
5) I am not religious - I am spiritual. Maybe science hasn't solved the mystery of spirituality yet? who knows?
6) I am not a mother - I wish I was. Kids love me, and I can smile away the worst 3 yr old temper tantrum (That applies to 17 year old Brits having temper tantrums too) 
7) My Tarot reading made me cry hysterically - My aunt thinks I'm an empath - I think I have a lot of common sense, and human nature never changes. 
8) I will always miss you. I love people - you will have to leave me first, but I will still miss you. 
9) I am not a perv...but I can be on purpose - HAHAHA yeah... I have a spanking fetish among other mild kinks. I had a pet Wolf for a bit... 
10) I am not willing to compromise- I have before, and I really hated myself for it. 
11) I am not going to lie to your face - I might not say anything - but I won't lie. 
12) I am not going to stab you in the back - Leo's are loyal even when you might not deserve any loyalty 
13) I am not fake - nope.. real boobs... 
14) I am not intimidating (tee he he) I am confident and forward. However, guys never try to pick me up in a bar... my boobs are heavy.. XD
15) I am not weak - this is not 100% true, if you aren't close to me, or haven't taken any time to find out who I am you won't see how fragile I really am. 
16) I am not a vegetarian - I love meat! NOMNOMNOMS
17) I am not going to forget you - yeah you read this already... it's true.. 
18) I am not going to default on promises - I'd rather blow my head off on national TV. 
19) I am not going to stay mad forever - I have a bit of a temper, and I am Italian we have hot tempers... and are very amazing lovers.
20) I am not listening...sometimes I am standing in a group and my mind is off ... wandering... don't be boring and I will stick around. 
21) Is that Buckethead? OMG OMG OMG OMG
23) I am not in a relationship- and I am debating on if I even need one? What was I thinking ..YES I NEED ONE!!  (I am in love with Winelover199- he has my heart- still does even though he has said good-bye) 
24) I am not interested (when JW's knock on my door)  AHAHAHAHAH yup! CULT CULT CULT CULT... did I mention.. CULT
25) I am not going to give up! But Bruno Mars made me cry last week.. what a *****... 
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I think it funny you talk about being loyal because my name
(William White) literally means loyal protecter.

On my family crest it says "Loyal tel Death"

I Iike the Toth deck better than the A.E White deck. If I remember correctly they were associates but had a falling out with each other. Talking to the gods, Saliva, drugs, Crowley goes into that in Magik in theory and practice.

My deck is the Thoth deck... right? lemme go look... yup A.C Thoth

Not religious... so what's up With the tarot reading cry?

My most recent confession? It's just an experience..

I like the artistry of tarot cards... I have a hanged man on my rear view mirror.

My deck is the Thoth deck - really beautiful Art Deco inspired images by Aleister Crowley

Mine is traditional card game style tarot. Like they've had since the late 800s supposedly. Unless you believe in the phantom time theory then I suppose the 800s never happened.

NEVER HEARD OF!!! What is that about???

Well supposedly we actually live in the 1700s. The years between 600 and 900 AD supposedly never happened. Stuff they don't want you to know /phantom time /YouTube.

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You seem like someone that I have to stay far away from

Sounds like a brilliant plan to me kid

Oh yeah - I do not not respect you. I do not not admire you and most definitely, I am not not in love with you! I can be pretty tough myself!


"I'm not a crook"!

Very nice!