I'm Not....

1. Tall

2. a genius

3. employed

4. cold-hearted

5. single

6. rich

7. perfect

8. an only child

9. spontaneous

10. a bad driver

11. psycho

12. able to intentionally hurt someone

13. quite where I want to be in life

14. promiscuous

15. a beer drinker

16. a snob

17. outgoing

18. always happy

19. always sad

20. childless

21. without fault

22. overly competitive

23. graceful

24. a virgin

25. doing the things I should be doing because I'm here :)

LG76 LG76
36-40, F
3 Responses Nov 16, 2012

"25. doing the things I should be doing because I'm here :)"

Oh that is sooooo me!

it's hard to get away sometimes isn't it? welcome to the club sweetie xo

Oh it is so very hard sometimes .... especially those times later on at night

Awesome....I especially love the last one....rings true for many of us, I'm sure!!


thanks...and #25 is too true for me...I think I need a kick in the butt to get me off the computer some days!

But, you are an incredible person! And very easy on my eyes!

thank you and thank you :) I think you're incredible too sweetie! xoxo