25 Things I Am Not

1. Good at playing drums
2. Someone who listen to rap-music a lot
3. Overweight
4. Able to finish the shower in 4 minutes
5. Without fantasy
6. 100% open all the time
7. 41 years old - I'm 40 years old
8. Thinking too little - I think far to much
9. Sexually exited while writing this
10. Very, very rich
11. Able to drink very much alchohol
12. Eating dinner every day
13. Disrespectful. I have a lot of respect for people
14. Lazy
15. 80 years old in 2052 - I think I am dead by then
16. Telling any lies here on EP
17. The owner of three cars
18. Sorry that John McCain lost the election in 2008
19. Crazy
20. Able to get up very early in the morning
21. I am not hungry right now
22. I am not looking for someone who want to eat three bananas with me every day (I'm literally talking about BANANAS here - I don't like to eat too many of them)
23. In the movie theater many times every week
24. I am not someone who usually would make such a list without thinking more about it
25. I am not thinking that the world will end in 2012

Clothed Clothed
41-45, M
Nov 26, 2012