Am Not

1. I am not in a relationship
2. I am not a smoker
3. I am not living alone
4. I am not unemployed
5. I am not boring
6. I am not ugly
7. I am not tolerant of rudeness
8. I am not always happy
9. I am not in control of whom I fall in love with
10. I am NOT the non-custodial parent
11. I am not unintelligent
12. I am not easily understood
13. I am not patient
14. I am not a prude
15. I am not a cheater or a liar
16. I am not lazy
17. I am not without pain
18. I am not a monument to justice
19. I am not into drugs
20. I am not lacking passion
21. I am not always kind
22. I am not being honest in line 23
23. I am not constantly dying to eat P***Y
24. I am not ever going to tell that lie again
25. I am not afraid to reveal my deepest thoughts, desires, fears, vices, fantasies, faults, failures, life lessons, hates, likes, loves and experiences
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

It was all innocent and cute. Until u hit 23 :s that's creepy.

here if you want to text or call

cool list . . . cool group . . . thank you . . . 8D