I Like And Dislike These And Many More!!

5 things I like: 1) eating a good breakfast 2) buying things at a huge discount 3) looking good and that whole feeling associated with it! 4) dancing on stage/ performing 5) smelling good.
5 things I dislike: 1) married men looking at my body and flirting with me 2) cigarette smoke and smokers 3) manipulative and jealous people 4) people making noises while eating 5) unappreciative miserable people.
The list is long in, both, likes and dislikes. Also, they aren't in any order.
meenasuvari meenasuvari
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

We share a lot of experiences!! :) I am sure many have the same likes- dislikes as me, but no one commented or mentioned it here. You did that and I thank you for doing that!! Take care!!!!

great! I hav also same dislikes , like you hav......I can't stand with smell of smoke and smokers, manipulative pplz ( suckX!), unapprecaite and negative people play good role in dis-couraging...............am sure, all likes and dis-likes you possess , shud be similar with many people here.