Plus Minus


1 - msblue123's mind, for it is a wonderous thing.
2 - Temptation, for its wonderful to be lead into.
3 - Sex, in any way or form, with the right woman, for it is wonderful.
4 - To be liked, for, I may not be in it for the glory, it is a good feeling to be appreciated.
5 - My ability to get through to people, so that they in some way or other are able to carry on with less regret or better morale.


1 - msblue123's dark place in her mind, for it is a treatcherous thing.
2 - Temptation, for it is often leading you onto the wrong path.
3 - Sex, in any way or form with the wrong woman, for it leaves a bad taste in the mouth and mind.
4 - To not be liked, for, I may not be in it for the glory, it is a not a good feeling to not be appreciated.
5 - To not get through to people and watch them crumble under the weight you want -and can- lift off of their shoulders.

I could have picked from lots of different things or feelings, but I wanted to show that you don't necessarily need to go looking for extreme opposites.
So, I chose the "ying & yang" approach, because, after all a coin has indeed two faces.
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Oooh! great list of likes and dislikes my friend :-) thank you for sharing them, very interesting, if i may say so!! :-) thank you! :-)

That "father figure " must've hurt : )<br />
But you're good.

And this Oldsoul appreciates that her appreciation is appreciated. Whew! lol.. :)

Ah, sweet Zeina... My apologies for having shocked you. Next time, I'll make sure to draw the curtains first ;)<br />
<br />
Your appreciation is appreciated, WonderfulOldSoul...

Very well put Sir. :)

Hehehe... Maybe I could reply that it was a pleasure to positively annoy you... But me being me, I won't do that... I'll just smile at you and keep the door open :)

pops i dont like hearing u talk about sex its like hearing a parent figure for me

Your posts almost always make me stop and think.... The Yin/Yang made me think of what I do most days when I have to run around and do errands. I strongly dislike snotty people, not just someone in an occasional bad mood. We all go there, but the hard core snotty people who make life miserable. Like sales people who sigh and roll their eyes when you ask them where something is. BUT...on the flip side I also really, really like it when a stranger smiles at me for no reason or someone holds a door or just does something nice. Sometimes I count up the nice vs. snotty encounters I have in a day and am always happy when the smiles outnumber the<br />
<br />
This long post is all your own fault Jimmy...YOU made me think of it!!!

Yes, Isshe... That's because a lot of things -read: most things- aren't simply black and white. There's too many rules and regulations in our society which leave no nuances; only yes or no, pro or contra, black or white. Nothing in-between.<br />
That is mostly wrong. It can be that a "yes/no" situation works better for legal purposes, but life has more to offer than that. <br />
Things are often multi-faceted, multi-dimensional. So, it's quite normal to like something without fully embracing it because there's aspects you disagree with...

Tis true what you say Jimmy. You know I often find myself mulling over the things that I like just because it is never pure...

Thanks Girlie... you fall under number four of the likes ;)