5:47 Am 01/30/12.

As I write this I think of how stupid people can be when they fall for someone. It's very difficult to actually hold in your feelings for someone. Especially for me. It kills me inside that I can't tell her. The reason is because you have to wait for the right moment to share certain feelings. You can't just do it when you think you feel like that. A lot of time of thinking needs to be paid to that certain feeling. Like always, I decide not to sleep till very late. It's a way I've managed to master in order to punish myself for certain things I've done or can't do. I noticied sleep was one of my weaknesses so I would target it. I don't say that for attention or anything but more to put what I feel into text. Which I have always had problems doing.
Anyway, this is all for now. I will not sleep yet. Instead I will go back to thinking.
Goodluck to me.
Jacobroxx Jacobroxx
18-21, M
Jan 30, 2012