I like (love) my children,my wife,my friends and family, bacon and cats ( not in the same recipe mind you).

I don't like extreme heat . Anything over 27 deg celcius is just overkill as far as I'm concerned,and which makes it all the more curious why I don't try to live a better life and maybe reduce my chances of spending eternity in hell,but that's getting off topic,right? I also don't like dog people. That's not the same as saying I don't like dogs,but I don't like some people who own dogs,because they treat their pet as if it were an actual child,and that's o.k,but then they expect me and others to do the same. Will your dog one day get a reasonable mode of employment and start contributing to the society he's been sponging off for the last however many years of his or her life? No? Oh,but they will continue to crap on my lawn? Then the answer is no! I will not accept them as one of my own......move along. Thirdly,I don't like monkeys. That's right,I said it. Dogs bite,cats scratch,but monkeys have opposable thumbs ,and can easily handle a gun and shoot you. In their own environment? Whatever,but bringing them into your home as a pet,especially if your home is in the same zip code as mine? No freakin' way! Four!!!! I don't like wine drinkers. Again,just as I said about dogs and their owners,it's not the wine I dislike ( although I really never drink it unless it's the last drop of liquid courage in the joint,and then it's a close second to terpentine for me),but the wine connoisseur is something distasteful all on it's own. Why can't they just drink their bottle of dirty sock sweat ( that's the good dry stuff I'm referring to,for those not familiar with different wines) without having to describe it,and acting all pompous,like it makes them better than everyone else.Why? Because they can talk **** and swallow at the same time? I'm not impressed. It's not "full bodied with a fruity aftertaste"...EVER!!! It's more " sweaty body with a rotten berries aftertaste" , almost everytime, but again.....I don't hate the game,I just hate the player. Last,but not least? Some days? My wife.......and that's all I have to say about that. :D
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Is that you Forrest ? Lol
I don't think there's a single person that I've truly loved , that I didn't hate on occasion . I don't think we can get one without the other . Lol
Wine nuts .. Not my favourite kind of people either . Just open the bottle , pour me one and don't tell me the details .. As long as it's not turned to vinegar I'll give it a go .
But the dog thing ?
I love my dog , he loves me . But he knows he's a dog . He only ***** in my yard , never allowed out off the lead and protects me and my family .
Are the cats are earning their keep Dig ? Lol

WoW! Just when you think you know someone,they turn out to be a dog owner. Typical! Is it a requirement to be overly sensitive if you are going to won a mngy mutt or what? lol

Cats earn there keep 10 fold. They clean themselves,require no assitance other than dumping out a litter box if in doors,and can walk, and play all by themselves. Not needy at all.....but I'm not going to defend cats any more than that....they don't need defending. unlike dogs,they can do it for themselves.lol

and one other thing.....does your dog "love", or "need" you? There's a difference. lol

Both . Just like my Husband does . Lol
He can take care of himself too . He can go to the bathroom by himself , wash himself , feed himself , walk and play with himself ... But I don't mind at all doing some of that for him , it shows that I love him . Lol
My dog needs help from me , but I love him , so it's not a chore .

Awesome. We just went away for a few days,left the cats on their own. Came home and everything was fine......I bet fido would fare just as well. lol

Hate the game,not the player.lol

We left him in our yard in July . Got family to come and feed him . He escaped , dug under the fence , and went looking for us on the second day !
Tell me your cats even noticed you were gone ? Lolol

lmao! When we left, Pepper was pissed off at me, he wouldn't let me say good-bye. It was too cute. We left enough food for the days we were gone,and kitty litter. Came home to a nice,unmangled house. Nobody had to come in and baby sit (we have actual children for that) and they met us at the door as soon as we came in,to get patted and rub up against our legs and snuggle with the girls. Not for food, or a walk, or to throw their ball....just love....pure,unconditional love. People could learn so much from cats. How to be independant,and still love someting,without having to tear your house apart because the people that make it possible for you to survive ( cause they can't do it alone) went out of your sight for more than a few hours. lol!!

Awwww nice Dig .
Don't get me wrong , I love cats , I grew up with them , I just always preferred dogs .
Having a pet is what matters , and in terms of life expectancy you will always get more from a cat .

hmmm? Looks like an olive branch.....but I'll take it. lol!

It's a whole tree !
Let's do some ' preserving ' , of our liver .. Fancy a wine ? Lol

Sure, as long as I'm drinking with a friend,not a foe,I'll drink anything,to anything you like. Whose socks should we use,yours or mine? :D

Lmao , maybe it's better that we never know !

Or don't remember !

I'll drink to that...again. :D

Cheers Buddy !

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I'm with you on the "wine connoisseurs". Can't stand those pompous *****. I don't like wine either. Never drink the stuff.

I was hoping you would be with me on a king size matress and we could practice all my favorite wrestling holds. :D

Don't be sorry. I expect this sort of thing from a dog owner. lol