I Love Your Initiative Philip , Heres What Grind My Gears and What Doesnt

1. I love it when some girl im strongly attracted to , is checking me out for a long time , she wont make a move on me but shes being so overly obvious it makes me so hot.

2. whenever i wake up and find everything done for me , the cleaning , the cooking and sometimes my homework .Lazy days ahhhh


3.SURPRISES , the good ones!

4. When a random act of kindness happens right in front of my eyes , instead of the typical negative/cynical ways.

5. When theres no conflicts around me and everyone at least pretends to be balanced individuals !


what grind my gears is :

1. Damn i just hate it so much when a random guy comes and hits on me , without taking the hint that im not interested ! they keep asking me stupid personal questions but yet they wont bother asking : are you a lesbian so that i can stop making a fool out of myself ?

Why is that ? i know i look femme , but my nasty glance at you should say it all!


2. People who try to rape my privacy in the @ss , there are some things i dont want to share . period.

3. People who try to change me from quiet to talkative ,or from introverted to extroverted  i mean do you imagine what would this world be if it was full of extroverted loud mouthes like you? Go shut up already , the air is already polluted!

4.decisions that only give you two options to choose from. Black or white or die its what my parents say!

5. Labels , Labels , Labels dont want to fit in with any of you!

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Mar 14, 2009