As should not be the case, the dislike one could go on forever and was more easy to compose


1. Newspapers

2. Government

3. My current job

4. slow walking people in city centres

5. wheeten bread that tastes like coffee (what is that about)


things i like.....

1. You ;-)

2. sunshine

3. nature

4. music

5. literature (should probably be first and human rights should more than likely be in here somewhere)

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4 Responses Mar 16, 2009

oh, literature!!yeah! I should have put that on my list!

I like:::<br />
thunderstorms<br />
camping at the lake<br />
quiet time with a lover<br />
sex<br />
wildflowers<br />
<br />
I dislike:::<br />
pesimists<br />
whiners<br />
laziness<br />
houligans<br />

Ladies, come to the country and get stuck behind a 15 mph tractor on a curvy, hilled 55 mph road! Then tell me your slow woes! lol

been there, done that, got the ticket...I sped around him and was in a speed zone!!!!

What type of music do you like fly?