Whoo-hoo! Another List!

Okay, here is another list... first the things that I like!


1. My best buddies in the Universe! - This is Sharon and Philip! The coolest people on the planet and the ones who put up with me the most, no matter how annoying I get! :-D

2. My awesome EP Friends - I had the unbelievable luck of finding the most interesting, awesome, talented, and oh so kindhearted people on EP. Love you guys and ladies! Hugs!

3. Anime and Manga - I love this animation style and the Japanese have the most wonderful stories! Fantasy, Romance, Futuristic... it doesn't matter! I can and do get lost in a great anime dvd set or curl up with a good Fruits Basket manga! :-D

4. My Kitties! - I own two cats, Vash and Bubbles. And recently, my cat Bubbles had three beautiful kittens! So I spend a lot of time with them, when I am not online. ;-)

5. COFFEE! - It's the breakfast of champions! Heehee!



1. Mean and Cruel People - I don't understand these types. Why go out of your way to hurt someone? What's the point in that? :-(

2. Critics - Those who seem to think they are the experts in EP writings. I'm all for constructive criticism, but these "critics" tend to stop and try to pick apart my stories. Funny, as I am not here to win a Pulitzer... also many of these critics haven't written any EP stories of their own, or just a few that are badly written... as the saying goes, "Those who can't do, teach." =p

3. When My Internet Goes Down - The most annoying thing EVER! This is the quickest way for me to be pissed off! It always happens when I'm right in the middle of replying to my friends on EP or on webcam with my pal Philip! This is when I swear a violent streak! :-o

4. My Therapy Sessions - It was great for the depression. But now that my depression is gone (whoo-hoo!) my therapist doesn't know what to do for me. So, it's an hour of us, basically staring at each others eyeballs. That is, when she is not trying to make up some problems for me to solve. I'm ditching it, this week! :-/

5. The Telephone - Especially when no one is home to answer it, except for me! Like today, I hid in my room, hoping for the ringing to STOP! :-(

And this is my list! XD

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Mar 16, 2009