"I Got 5 On It"

I Like:

1. Listening to the radio and singing along, whether I'm at work, driving in the car or at home washing dishes.

2. New undergarments. The satisfaction & sweetness of putting on a new set of matching panties & bra!  

3. Watching movies or T.V. in my own living room with friends and family or all by myself. Either way, it's home.

4. Cream soda and BBQ wings...............

5. Knowing that there are so many things to like I could never list them all, so I should enjoy every day and everything in it to the fullest!! Guilt Free!!

I Don't Like:

1. Cilantro

2. Tomatos

3. Spiders

4. Spiders

5. Spiders 

Heathery Heathery
31-35, F
2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I agree with the spiders. Spiders are wicked, evil little bastard creatures from the greatest depths of hell. And just for having written this, I will now have nightmares tonight.

They've bitten me a few times and always in the assumed safety of a big comfy bed :(<br />
Given me a terrible complex and overactive imagination each time I lay my head down at night.....