Poison Ivy, Cauliflower and Spider Salad

I like:

1.  Kind-hearted people

2.  Banana splits

3.  Having the back of my neck kissed

4.  Roller coasters!!!

5.  Tolerance and admiration for those that are different than you


I dislike:

1.  Poison Ivy

2.  TMJ

3.  Cooked Cauliflower

4.  Spiders

5.  Close-minded people

(Wow...I just imagined how unhappy I'd be if served a poison ivy, cauliflower and spider salad by Rush Limbaugh, after he'd been smacked a good one on the jaw by Jon Stewart.)


Anyway...yeah.  That sums me up in 10 bullet points.  Self-reflection, my ***!

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3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

i know of no woman uglier than ann coulter.

Yes...she would definitely spit on my ice cream!

Hopefully, the banana split will not be served by Ann Coulter.<br />