Thinkin' 'bout Things

I'm going for things I've liked and disliked this week lol, becuase let's face it, its hard to cut down a list of ten from all the tons of things lol.

Things I like:

1. Snuggling with Historyman at night before we go to sleep, just talking about the day and other things.

2. Steamed brocolli and carrots with garlic cheese sauce lol.

3. Playing Nancy Drew on the weekends with Historyman.

4. Helium ballons

5. Full strength coke cola, dammit! lol

Things I dislike:

1. Family drama

2. Hyprocrites

3. Snakes

4. Stretch marks lol

5. When the people at the supermarket put heavy things in with my bread or eggs


sugarburn sugarburn
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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

LOL So with you on that!!! When they put a whole watermelon in a plastic bag with a bag of grapes or peaches making them mush. Grrrr indeed! Or when I buy a hot chicken from the deli and they put it in with the chocolate. O_o What the hell??? lol

LOL I HATE that last one. And when the checkout chick is rough with the fruit and vegies - err thanks very much for reducing my tomato to pulp lady! If thats how I wanted it I would have purchased canned. Grrrr.