Why I Slightly Amended My Number 1 For Dislikes.

    I added that I don't like date rapists.   In the Philippines, Egypt, and even on occasion in the United States I have noticed guys attempting to spike a girl's drink with the Date Rape Drug.    I always take some sort of action.   sometimes I directly confront the guy, or I notify local authorities.    Most importantly I always notify the girl or woman.   

The reason I have amended my post from yesterday is because one hour ago I was at a bar with my boss and some colleagues and while returning to our table after going to the bathroom, I noticed that one guy was holding the girl's drink and trying to pull the smooth under the arm ploy.   He had white wine and she was drinking red wine so I knew something was up.  If he was tasting it, why would be underneath his left elbow?  He put the vial back in his pocket.  I came up behind him and took it out of his pocket.  The girl was coming back to their table.    I handed the vial to the girl and informed her that the guy had put this in her drink.

McAvoy McAvoy
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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Thank you. People who do things like that, just slight and simple things have such an effect on lives. She could have been hurt to the extent that the rest of her life would have changed dramatically. But you stopped that. Thank you so much!

Good man. You may think that it just a small thing you did but most people are likely to pretend they didn't see anything. No one ever wants to get involved. Good for you for standing up.