My Five ..

I like relaxing outdoors watching the sun go down sharing a bottle of wine with good company

I like laughing and having fun

I like seeing happy healthy animals

I like words, the images and effects they can evoke

I like beautiful interesting art


I dislike any kind of cruelty and meaness

I dislike dark dirty places

I dislike muddle and disharmony

I dislike hurry

I dislike inflexability

Orangetas Orangetas
51-55, F
5 Responses Jun 21, 2009

With you with the inflexibility!!! Some people can be very uptight and unimaginative :)

likes - sunsets, expressive art, music, films, books<br />
dislikes - judgemental people, loud ringtones in public places, fighting, reality tv, unhygienic people

Oh .. <br />
<br />
Well sorry but I refuse to compete with Mary Jane!

hmmm .. what about likes"

Thank you Princess we have lots in common