Likes And Dislikes :)

I like...lying by myself in the middle of my living room floor starring up at the ceiling and contemplating all sorts of weird and wonderful things, also sitting eating food on the floor :) I like singing along with my favourite tunes and making people smile. I like dancing and laughing so much that your on your own personal high with no alcohol or drugs needed :) 

I don't like..when people shout at me or don't respect my opinions, when you are made to feel unwanted or like a third wheel, when there is nothing good to do or see and outside is cold and unfriendly and there is nobody about and nobody to talk to...sprouts, califlower and public transport! 

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22-25, F
1 Response Feb 7, 2010

I like laying back and zoning out to music. I can spend hours listening to my iPod.