Bluebie's 5

I like...

My beautiful, amazing friends.


Lush Baths.




I dislike...

Superiority complexes.


Lack of personal responsibility.

Raw Oysters.

Narrow Mindedness.

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9 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Thanks Anti3stastic. I like quiet too. I think it's a knee jerk reaction to raising my kids. Haha<br />
<br />
And I also don't subscribe much to what people think I should be. I tend not to label myself or others, and believe that everyone is entitled to think what they want, as long as it causes no harm to others.

Sunburn does suck, AngelofPink, but at least you get to lay your butt in the sun while it is happening to you! lol

Likes: The Rocky Horror Picture Show and a bag of popcorn! <br />
Dislikes: Sun burn!

Ah, because I'm from New Orleans? Well, I don't like them. Even fried (and I like most anything fried), but they are green on the inside when they are fried. Ew.

No worries there, neonshades :)

True. I despise raw oysters as well, tastes like phlegm. But I do like them smoked. Then again I enjoy escargot when prepared well. Everyone has particular tastes. I try to be adventurous with different foods within limits. I hate liver but don't mind if you eat it, just that I couldn't kiss you after you ate it!

You can eat whatever you want, I am not one to believe everyone has to like the same things I do, and visa versa. I don't like any raw seafood, or raw anything, except fruit and veggies. My parents used to make fried oyster po-boys for dinner sometimes. I could eat them as long as I didn't look at it. They are green on the inside. Ewww...

I like smoked oysters, does that put me on your bad list?

DV, I bet you knew at least some of these already ;) Sometimes it's easier to say what you know you don't want, than what you know you do, but I am figuring it out. LOL <br />
<br />
AngelofPink... I spent many a midnight movie seeing the Rocky Horror Picture show where I grew up. Audience actors, props and all. Good times :)<br />
<br />
Actually Rog, I could have said ANYTHING raw, except fruit and veggies. Ewww...