-to Forever Moonbeam Remix / I Love You

Back when i had like no real  friends i found this song and for what ever reason it was the greatst thing ive ever herd even though i had really no one to share those feelings with, i loved the song. i would all ways listen to it on every occasion no matter what. eventually it got to that point where i changed my phone and notification ringtone to it. ( lol it was sad because i knew no one was going to call or text me so i could hear it) a few days later one of my "friends" friends started talking and texting me. (i was so happy that i was finally able to hear that song from my phone) about a month later she confessed  what she calls her "love" but me being the stupid slow ditz, i really get the message. we stayed like that for about a year. by that time i had gotten so use to her texts and that song that when ever i herd the song i would immediately think about her. Now the funny part is on the day that i was going to spill my guts to her, (because after a while i gained some feelings for her) i pulled her aside and told her that i had something to tell her, she said that she did to. so i let her go first so i could just say what i had to say without thinking too much. in a nut shell she basically told me that she was having sex with one of my best friends (like one of 3) and that she was offically going out with him as of today. How was i suppose to respond to that? "oh that's cool, congrats" now me being the socially awkward failure that i am i just smiled and  said just that and walked away. i couldnt really be mad or anything because it was my own fault for waiting so long.  

DesignXrejected DesignXrejected
22-25, M
May 17, 2012