Breathless By Quiet Riot

It reminds me of a female friend not girlfriend although I did ask her out many times. She had a crush on another guy and refused to go out with anyone just in case he might ask. So we only went out when their was a group of us or enjoyed summer evenings just sitting on her front porch.

One night she was out with friends and ended up at a party I was at. She did not want to be there and cast a dark shadow from the moment she arrived, throwing a downer. So after I little while I left to go elsewhere and as I drove away that was the song playing on my car stereo. I always remember her and that night when I hear it.

At least that night she did leave me "Breathless" and not in a good way.

outercalm outercalm
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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

The song was/is called "Sunday Morning" by I believe Maroon 5---very special song wonderful memories of how I'd like to have that type of day happen to me.