Just Dance- Lady Gaga

That song reminds me of my friend justin because he always plays it when we are in the car and he sings it so it has become synonymous with him to me.

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It is by the Grateful Dead...there is a album recording available as well a a live version from one of the "****'s Pick's" if you can't find i will send you a copy. The grateful dead allow trading of music as long as no money is exchanged...over 40 years of music preserved. Thank you . PaL

awwwww, no I've never heard it but now I MUST check it out. who is it by??

have you ever heard it? Patty made me a painting of the lyrics...it is so personal. She broke my heart but never asked me for the painting. It now hangs in the library in my home.


"Standing on the Moon" always reminds me of Patty...."I am standing on the moon but I would rather be with you" GD