The Founders Family

This is my family:
My father James IV; he is super obese and has about as much trouble walking as I do.
My mother Katerina; She is thin and pretty and I think she is a feeder and has fed my dad up to where he is and she wants to see him immobile. She has very unhealthy genes in her family which is why my sister and I are both disabled.
Me {James V}; I am 16 a junior in HS I have spina bifida {myelomeningocele} and use a wheelchair although I can walk for short distances with forearm crutches.
My little sister Ruth; very sweet 7 year old. She has CP with muscle spasms that force us to strap her arms to her chair. Even so she is always looking on the bright side.
My unborn sibling; Due on June 1st this sibling is going to be a surprise. However it looks like it will be the normal member of the family.
My Dog Detritus; Named after the troll in Terry Prattchet's novels he is my "Service" dog but I share him with my sister.
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My sibling was born on may 28. His name is John