April 14th

First thank you for all those well wishes I recieved....



Yes April 14th is my special day. It has been for the past 16 years as it is the aniversary of the day I stopped drinking all thanks to youth and stupidity


I think I might of told this story but sometimes you just have to recap lol


16 years ago I was getting drunk on vodka with my then drinking buddy. We jumped in the car, I know not smart and we drove off to what I no longer recall. We ended up at a train crossing that so happened to be in the midst of a rather long freight train going by. My friend in the thralls of a drunken stupor decided on a rather "wonderful" idea. We got out of the car and walked up to the train as it went by with the intention of letting the moving cars brush across our hands. As we both stood there drunk out of our minds my friend decided on some more fun. He grabbed the next handhold on a passing box car and slammed into me causing both of us to fall into a rock filled ditch. We were both so drunk that this was "fun" so it was my turn next and I let the train throw me which my friend and I did several times. Somehow we both survived, I don't know how. I awoke to find my reflection to be of a bruised and battered individual covered in blood and still with rocks embedded in his skin. 

It was that morning while looking at what I was becoming that I decided to stop myself. It hasn't been easy. I went the cold turkey method and was shall we say very cranky there for a long while. I have come to find that the night with the train has had other effects on me as well as my back was damaged in four places and is the principle cause of all my now suffered pain

So there it is, dasmuggler's special day is the day I began to reclaim a life that had become lost in a sea of alcohol. I've had a few close calls in the way of relapses but I was lucky then to have the people I count as friends around me to help me get through those moments

So tomorrow I'm 16 years sober but this year I just might have something to add to how I look at April 14th

Well I wentto the spine specialist this morning. He didn't pull any punches and said I NEED surgery. They are going to half to fuse my lower spine to relieve the pain. Recovery time 6 months. The usual next step in this sequence is injections into my back. The doctor has said he doubts they will help me at all. Despite this I did decide to do at least one round of the shots. At least I will know then for myself.

Bad news is the upper spine pain is going to be with me a long time. The doctor told me there is nothing they can do for it. The damage I did there accelerated a genetic disorder that can not be repaired. I'll have that pain until medical science gets better or I die whichever comes first


So now I can add in that April 14th is the day I started to recover with the right doctor and maybe help stop feeling at least one of those little "reminders" of my past
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Congrats. I would just like to say that your story has made my birthday worth celebrating

well as long as I don't get neutered lol

Hope they fix you too x

Thank you my Love and fingers are crossed for the shots

I am extremely proud of you about your "special day", but extremely scared about your surgery. Hopefully, the shots will help.<br />
<br />

yes you did moo, and I thank you for this year too

awwwwwwwww man did I miss you again?!<br />
<br />
I remember celebrating this with you last year x

thank you very much. I try I try

Happy Special Day! :) THis was a wonderful story.... an inspiration really. YOu leave hope in the middle of some adversion, and show us how NOT to be a quitter! 16 yrs is something to celebrate, sir! :) Keep it up! And good luck with the back!